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Shirt Collars


Before choosing from the wide variety of collar styles available, it is helpful to consider the various parameters that influence the appearance of a collar. These are the level of stiffness, height, size, and spread but the key to finding a collar style is based on your own style and the shape of your face.

Shirt cuffs


The shirt cuff is often an overlooked detail but holds great importance for the overall appearance of the outfit. Not only does it influence the formality of the look, but also the level of comfort and practicality. From button cuffs to cufflinks, choosing the right cuff can make a difference. Choose your cuff carefully to get the most out of your clothing.

Taylor templates


The style of a shirt is a fundamental element for those seeking elegant and refined clothing. When choosing a handmade shirt, style is one of the main factors taken into consideration. Unique and customizable, it allows you to express your character and personality through clothing.

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Types of fabrics


Explore our selection of shirts made with high-quality fabrics such as linen, Sea Island cotton, and Egyptian cotton. From lightweight linen summer collections to sophisticated Sea Island cotton shirts, you'll find excellent fabrics for an unparalleled elegance experience. Choose the luxury of fine fabrics for your shirts and make a unique style statement.

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Our made-to-measure shirts feature a traditional cut with the Neapolitan shirt shoulder. The silhouette is classic yet contemporary, enriched with decorative bartack details. Each garment is tailored to perfection, ensuring a perfect fit. Our master tailor, with over 50 years of experience, will personally handle your order. We work with the highest quality fabrics sourced from the finest mills and international merchants.

Camicia su Misura
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