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Anna Barone was born in San Sebastiano al Vesuvio in February 1913, the daughter of a seamstress, and she immediately followed in her mother's footsteps. She had a great passion for shirt-making, which led her to open a small made-to-measure shirt shop at the young age of 20.

Anna began creating what would be called bespoke shirts today, entirely handmade and using excellent fabrics, while dedicating herself to achieving a perfect fit. In fact, she used to say, "A shirt should be like a second skin."

In the following years, her daughter Clelia, also a skilled seamstress, passed down her passion for tailoring to her two sons, Francesco and Alessandro. She meticulously explained to them the instructions and secrets of their mother, Anna.

Francesco and Alessandro continue the family tradition and establish a small artisanal workshop. Their goal is to innovate and blend ancient techniques with new technologies.

And so, the FRALBO brand is born, derived from the names Francesco and Alessandro Boccia.

Francesco and Alessandro aim to recreate their grandmother Anna's shirt, a shirt that is excellent as only she knew how to make.

Through study, research, and dedication to their craft, using the highest quality fabrics cut strictly by hand to achieve the geometric symmetry that distinguishes an artisanal shirt, FRALBO has succeeded in creating the ultimate shirt: the shirt of grandmother Anna.

Great attention has been devoted to the interior, collars, and cuffs, which are made deform-resistant through a special technique that avoids the use of adhesives. Everything is skillfully hand-sewn to achieve a result of harmony, comfort, and rare quality in "modern" shirts.

Just like a second skin.

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