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Shirt collars with corresponding fabric.

The main difference between shirt collars is their shape and size. Each collar style has its own unique characteristics and can be customized to fit one's preferences and style.


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The most common collar styles include those shown below in the illustrated figures, commonly referred to as: Classic or Spread, Semi-Spread, Rounded, Mandarin, English, Button-Down, and Italian. 

Spread collars are versatile and suitable for most occasions. They have a wider distance between the collar points, which allows the knot of the tie to be more prominent.

Semi-spread collars are a popular choice for work attire and can be worn with or without a tie. They have a smaller distance between the collar points compared to spread collars.

Button-down collars feature buttons that fasten the collar to the shirt, creating a more casual look. They are often paired with sport jackets or worn without a tie.

Tab collars feature small tabs that fasten the collar to the shirt. They are an elegant choice that can be worn with or without a tie.

Butterfly collars are a formal choice commonly worn with tails. They feature butterfly-shaped points that stand up and are typically paired with a bow tie.

Corean collars, also known as Mandarin collars or standing collars, are short and stand up around the neck. They are an elegant choice that originates from Asian cultures and often paired with a tailored suit or dress pants.

Band collars are similar to Mandarin collars.

Shirt english collars sketch


The English collar is a timeless classic in men's shirts. It is characterized by long and wide points that open at an angle of about 60 degrees. The English collar is perfect for any occasion, from work to formal meetings, thanks to its elegance and versatility. This type of collar suits most face shapes and can be customized by choosing the number of buttons to be positioned under the collar.

Shirt button down collars sketch

Button Down

The button-down collar of a shirt is a classic that stands out for the buttons that fasten it to the shirt, giving it a casual and sporty look. This type of collar is characterized by the two ends that bend slightly downward, maintaining a rigid shape thanks to the presence of buttons. Thanks to its versatility, the button-down collar is suitable for both formal and informal occasions, and is often used in Oxford shirts.

Shirt italian collars sketch


The Italian collar differs from the classic collar in several ways. In particular, the Italian collar has a wider and more open shape than the classic collar, making it ideal to be paired with a wide tie. Additionally, the Italian collar usually has hidden buttons underneath the collar points, making it more suitable for a casual and sporty look. Finally, the Italian collar may have slight lateral curves.


The classic collar of a shirt is a timeless icon of men's fashion. This collar is characterized by its pointed shape with two wings, suitable for both formal and informal attire. It is perfect for completing an elegant look with a tie, but also for casual wear with a pair of jeans. By choosing a custom-made shirt with a classic collar, you can personalize the number of buttons and the length of the points to create a unique and tailored look that suits your needs.

Shirt classic collars sketch
Shirt french collars sketch


The French collar is a type of shirt collar with short and square tips. It is distinguished by a central cut that divides the collar into two separate parts. This type of collar is ideal for a formal and elegant look, but can also be paired with a tie for an added touch of sophistication. Discover our made-to-measure French collar shirt models, perfect for any occasion.

Shirt rounded collars sketch


The rounded collar, also known as the club collar, is a great choice for those looking for a casual and relaxed look. This type of collar is characterized by its rounded shape, which adapts perfectly to casual looks. It pairs well with narrower ties or bow ties and is ideal for those who want a collar that stands out from the classic pointed collar choice.

Shirt mandarin collars sketch


The mandarin collar is characterized by a mandarin-shaped form with rounded edges, creating a contemporary and informal look. It is perfect for those looking for a modern alternative to the classic collar. Suitable for both casual and formal looks, this type of collar can be paired with slim ties or worn without a tie for a touch of informal style.

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