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Fabric with Serigraphed World Map
World map surrounded by brown-toned fabrics

Fralbo   |  Manifattura Anna Barone

It's time to raise the level

Take advantage of free shipping within the European Union and start exploring our selection of high-quality artisan shirts, crafted using traditional techniques of Neapolitan tailoring. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are pleased to offer you this exclusive benefit.

We also understand the importance of providing affordable shipping service to the rest of the world. We have established advantageous agreements with our logistics partners to ensure competitive rates.

This way, you can enjoy high-quality shipping at accessible costs, without compromising the service quality. You can find the complete list of countries we ship to at the bottom of the page.

The combination of fast, secure, and convenient shipping is an essential element of our commitment to best meet the needs of our customers. We are determined to provide a hassle-free shipping experience so that you can enjoy your artisan shirts in a timely manner, with peace of mind and savings. All shipments are traceable and secure.

Shipping delivery boy loading packages
Colored World Map

Italian Sartorial Shirt

International Shipping


Free Shipping in Europe

We are pleased to offer you free shipping to all destinations within the European Union. We want to make the process of purchasing your tailor-made shirts as convenient as possible by eliminating shipping costs for European customers

A smiling courier delivering a package
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